Our Program

The Children’s Center values our community of children, teachers, and families. We recognize and honor our important partnership in each other’s lives, working together to build a strong community and foundation in the children’s lives. We emphasize the development and language of friendships—helping each other, talking things out, and compassion. We believe that such an environment creates a sense of security for children, which allows them to develop more fully.

The Children’s Center is a play-based program, where our practices are drawn from current brain and child development research. Curriculum and instructional strategies are determined by the individual and collective interests and learning styles of the children. Activities are designed to encourage and promote successful relationships, the joy in learning and discovery, along with higher level thinking skills of inquiry, problem solving, organization, and creativity. The experiences in the program are integrated across all learning domains. For example, a child who is building a parking garage with blocks might also be using writing or drawing skills to make a sign for the elevator, or using problem solving to create a ramp for the cars. Art, music, and movement may also be integrated into the daily life of the child. In the preschool, creating an art museum is the highlight of the spring session. 

We believe children’s social skills and cultural awareness thrive when in an environment that reflects diversity. Developing a respect and appreciation for the similarities and differences among people is part of the daily life of the children. The center actively welcomes families, teachers, support staff, and volunteers from a variety of cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Because of the variety of teaching and learning styles provided here, children also develop an appreciation for those aspects of our individuality or shared aspects of personal expression. Our teachers work in teams to support or focus on cooperation, sharing, and appreciation of others. We use mixed-age groups so that children can benefit from learning from each other and develop at their own individual pace.

Most of all, we appreciate the warmth and homelike atmosphere of our corner of Cypress and Gorham Street where children are nurtured and guided in the strength of who he or she is and in the joys and opportunities to explore and appreciate each other and their world.