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A typical day at TCC

A typical day for a child at The Children’s Center includes a balance of indoor and outdoor activity, independent and guided exploration and learning, and engaging with friends.  Each day includes a group time where children sing, dance, move about, share stories, plan and talk about their day, or any of the many magical moments children and teachers create. 

Each week we offer Yoga with Joanne.

Every other week our music specialist, Wayne Potash, joins us. 

Children at TCC have the ability to go outside in our two spacious playgrounds. Typically children are outside at least two times a day, if not more. Times vary from group to group, however we go out for a minimum of 2 hours a day, when weather permits. 

Children have a healthy morning and afternoon snack provided by the center, as well as having an equally social lunch time together. 

Lunch is provided by the child's family. 

Children participate in a quiet rest time after lunch.