Application Fee:  

A $35.00 Non-refundable.  

Tuition Deposit:

A Tuition Deposit  is payable upon acceptance of a space in the program.  The Tuition Deposit is held throughout the period of time the child attends The Children's Center.  The Tuition Deposit is applied to the last month of service provided by The Children's Center to the child. Should a child not enroll after acceptance, or leave the program prior to the end of the contracted year, the Tuition Deposit is refundable only in accordance with the terms of contract.  The Tuition Deposit is equal to one month's tuition determined by the number of the child's schedule of days.

Current Fee Schedule (2018-19)

  Preschool  Toddlers 

Monthly Rate        Annual Fee Monthly Rate Annual Fee
 5 days $1856.00 $22,272.00 $2321.00 $27,852.00
 4 days $1642.00 $19,704.00 $2050.00 $24,600.00
 3 days $1295.00 $15,540.00 $1612.00 $19,344.00
 2 days
 $990.00 $11,880.00 $1228.00 $14,736.00

Fees are paid monthly by the first buisness day of the month.

(the application form can be opened here on the forms page - this is a pdf form which can be edited prior to printing or emailing)