Organizational Structure


All parents are members of the corporation - the governing body of the Center.  In this role, parents are responsible for electing the corporation's Board of Directors.  The Board consists of parents, faculty and, at times, community members.  Parents may volunteer to sit on the Board, and officers of the Board are elected at each annual meeting in September.  The Board meets with the Executive Director to oversee the fiscal management and policy making of the Center.  All parents and faculty, even those who have not been officially elected to the Board, are encouraged and welcome to attend community meetings and participate in discussions about TCC. 

The Executive Committee is a sub‑committee of the Board, usually including the President and Vice or Co-President, Treasurer,  Secretary and Executive Director.  The purpose of this committee is to advise the  Executive Director in matters that require confidentiality or that are best handled by a small group.

The Board of Directors is responsible for hiring and supervising the Executive Director.  The Executive Director is responsible for the daily operations of the center.