Our History


In 1970, a group of working parents under the auspices of the National Organization for Women founded The Children’s Center of Brookline. Their goal was to create a high quality child care center based upon a cooperative structure in which parents, faculty and volunteers would jointly manage the center. 

Over time, the center expanded into a two-site facility serving more than 70 children ranging in age from three months to seven years. During this period of growth, the center became widely recognized as an innovative leader in the childcare field. Among other accomplishments, the center researched gender roles: implementing a non-sexist curriculum involving men, minorities, and older people in the classroom. The film, “Sugar and Spice,” which deals with overcoming gender stereotypes in preschools, prominently featured The Children’s Center. 

In its second decade, The Children’s Center decreased its size and scope. In 2010, The Children’s Center celebrated its 40th anniversary as a center. It is now located at one site, 69 Cypress Street and serves approximately 30 toddlers and preschoolers. Parents continue to play an active role in The Children’s Center community, from serving on the board, to sharing holidays and traditions in the classroom, to helping trim the hedges, and everything in between.

Our Playground